The business and financial industry requires a diligent effort and deep planning accompanied by careful implementation. The thing that led the Al-Thuraya Group to explore the path of glory and demarcation of the path reaching its target.

Our goal is not related to competition, but to leadership.

In the midst of the fierce race in the field of money and business industry, it was necessary to study the commercial market closely and to compare the competency standards between the competitors in an expert view enables us to predict the results on well-considered bases.

When the capacity standards are the quality and the principle of excellence is mastering, you find Al-Thuraya Group.

The success of Al-Thuraya Group in various fields and international markets is due to God Almighty and then to the employees and the Board of Directors of Al-Thuraya Group, headed by the founder of Al-Thuraya Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sheikh/ Mohamed Osman Mohamed Mahmud.

The plan was to drive Al-Thuraya Group forward in various, diverse and multilateral trade activities

It started out at work in 1999-2000.

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